Refreshed brand & juicy new website

Citrea Catering

Core to the success of this identity refresh was the expression of a deeply held belief that food can and should play a central role in the educational curriculum and development of a pupil's mind, fuelling their imaginations as well as their body. The Citrea ‘driplet’ was created as a representation of the passion and ‘zing’ brought to the table by this independent school catering company.

citrea core logo

The core logo...

citrea brand grey

A knockout when reversed...

citrea brand lime

Great with a hit of lime...

Citrea secret zing

A recipe to follow...

Citrea No Go Zone
Citrea Guidelines Comp

The pick of the crop...

Citrea Raw Real
Citrea Photography Comp

Getting the creative juices going – a look at some early scamps plus a handful of initial ideas and visual routes we presented for discussion and consideration including the origin of the final adopted design...

citrea scamps 1
citrea scamps 2
citrea concept sheet 1
citrea concept sheet 2
citrea poster concept nibble
citrea poster concept 1
citrea concept sheet 3
citrea chosen concept
citrea concept dev
citrea concept test