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ZephyrTel - Fuelling stratospheric rise for Cloud software company

ZephrylTel launched in 2018 and dedicated itself to serving the global telecommunications and cellular industry. The Company aimed to become the best-in-the-world ‘Software Factory’ providing end-to-end cloud solutions. But, with an aggressive acquisition plan - acquiring at least one software company per quarter in 2019 - a brand with mixed messages and a diverse and remote workforce, ZephryTel needed marketing help. And fast.

Imagine and Impact

Imagine: We built a complete marketing function for ZephryTel within three months, including positioning, branding, messaging, website, intranet and marketing/sales collateral.

Impact: Marketing assets were rolled out globally to all local offices, helping ZephryTel to achieve its goal of acquiring several telecom software companies and grow from 0 to $75m turnover in 18 months.

Shown here is just a small sample of the wide reaching work undertaken.

Martyn Lambert, Co Founder COO and CMO said: “This unique business model, needed a Marketing group that could hit the ground running and deliver in weeks from a standing start – Voyage did exactly that, and continued to accelerate as Zephyrtel did.”

If you’d like to know more about this, or any other project, please get in touch and we’ll gladly talk you through the challenge, our thinking and the impact achieved in more detail. jules@voyagebrand.co.uk


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