Full Brand Program / Art Direction / Copywriting / Collateral Design / Website Design & Build

Birchgrove • Sole creative, branding and marketing partner for a pioneer assisted living property brand...

Birchgrove – a provider of assisted living apartments for rent – wanted a look, feel and voice that would resonate with a mature audience who are still active and independent in spirit. They also wanted a brand that would make them stand out as an authority in an established marketplace. Voyage Brand was picked as a partner to brand and launch this new venture. 

Insight. Imagine. Impact.

Insight: We gained an understanding of customer and company requirements through perception interviews and brand workshops. We also assessed gaps in the market through competitor audits.

Imagine: To launch the Company, we devised a sophisticated and attractive brand identity to be used across a new website, sales collateral, advertising, and a monthly magazine.

Impact: Birchgrove is now a well-recognised brand in the sector and continues to grow its property portfolio and customer base in the south of England.

Birchgrove said: “Voyage Brand has continued to work as Birchgrove’s sole creative partner helping us to launch the brand successfully across five communities from Kent to Surrey by producing individual marketing and corporate communications, both physical and digital. Right from the start they’ve been very much part of our team.”

Shown here is just a small sample of the wide reaching and exhaustive work undertaken to date.

If you’d like to know more about this, or any other project, please get in touch and we’ll gladly talk you through the challenge, our thinking and the outcomes in more detail.



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Visual Identity: Brand Creation / Guidelines…

birchgrove concept scamp 1
birchgrove bark ref
Test Card_v3_Page_1.jpg
Test Card_v3_Page_2.jpg

Stationery: Design / Production…

birchgrove folder
birchgrove biz cards

Marketing Collateral: Brochures / Guides / Postcards…

birchgrove postcard portraits
birchgrove guides
Bierchgrove comms folder
birchgrove postcard portrait 2
factsheet covers

Internal Comms: Assets / Presentations / Templates…


Hoarding: Design / Production / Instal…

sidcup hoarding 1
sidcup hoarding 2
sidcup hoarding 3
sidcup hoarding 4
sidcup hoarding instal

Marketing Suite: Display Design / Production / Instal

Birchgrove shop window
birchgrove shop outside
birchgrove display shelf
birchgrove plot displays
birchgrove display panels