RABBLE Theatre / formerly known as Reading Between the Lines

Designed with Love. 
A selection of work for Rabble Theatre Company as part of our Love Projects initiative.  

Services provided:
Rebrand / Production Promotion / Website Design & Build / Posters / Advertising / Consultancy

All work Copyright.
No reproduction without permision.

Outdoor Poster/Banner for Macbeth

Image manipulation for Genomes

Website assets for Romeo&Juliet

Social media assets for The Last Abbot

Image creation for Hansel & Gretel

Title Treatment

!! This is a ‘full’ call out block !! We recommend using H3 text formatting for the copy. The type is bolder than the normal H3 and ranges left, top aligned within the container which has a subtle grey background. Use this style for all and any quotes and pull outs or calls to action etc. DO NOT USE the quote streamfield. And do not write any more than this amount or a scroll bar appears.

Dani & Toby @RABBLE

A classic reimagined...

Visual treatment for youth classes

Instagram tile...

Adult classes...

Combat instruction...

Event post...