Rebranding & Rationalisation

St Paul’s Cathedral • Divine inspiration for one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks...

Whisper the name St. Paul’s, and you can picture the magnificent dome and marvel at the building’s history. But even heritage brands need to move with the times. St. Paul’s was no exception. With 67 brand variations and inconsistencies, and many logos and typefaces used uncontrollably by different departments, the Cathedral stakeholders needed help with a brand refresh and reorganisation. And all in time to celebrate the building’s 300th anniversary!

Insight. Imagine. Impact.

Insight: Interviews with heads of department (Canons, Deans, Registrars, and Archbishops), historical brand research, and brand and discovery workshops.

Imagine: Devised a new and modern brand position and identity and launched it across a new website, signage, brochures and a creative campaign.

Impact: The St. Paul’s brand was consistent and under control for the first time in years, all in time for a big birthday relaunch.

The team at St. Paul’s said: “We were pleased with the project from Voyage Brand. All stakeholders were onside and happy with the single modern and fresh identity chosen. It perfectly reflected the Cathedral’s heritage, divinity and humanity but importantly reflected the organisation as forward-thinking whilst discreetly acknowledging its glorious past.”


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