Brand identity, messaging, website design and marketing collateral for 'The Place to Work'

Kennet Place for Westcore Property - A spot of ‘place’ making…

Westcore Property engaged Voyage to create a brand identity, messaging, positioning and marketing collateral to launch their new office development: Kennet Place

This newly refurbished building presented a warm traditional exterior of stone and masonry, yet inside an upgrade to the interiors introduced an altogether more modern and contemporary use  of materials. To reflect this schism and contrast we developed branding that also appeared split: caught between the modern and the traditional. 

To ensure that our messaging and visual identity did not become confused we established a set of solid foundations to ground every piece of work. At the centre of these was use of colour... a palette combining the warm human hues of the soft natural stone exterior was complemented by cooler shades to represent the more technical contemporary mix of materials of the interiors which, while providing a consistent colour platform for colateral, also served to further reinforce the duality of the scheme!

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Frame from animation sequence...


Frame from animation sequence...


Frame from animation sequence...

Photography & Art Direction

Reception mockup
mobile website

Mobile friendly responsive website design...

Brochures & Marketing Support Material

KP aerial shot

Detail from an image spread from the marketing brochure/

KP map page

Bespoke maps using our building palette.

Website & Digital Marketing


Marketing Suite & Sales Space