Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership

TVBLEP - Branding


Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership was a newly formed business-led initiative set up to replace the RDAs. Representatives on the Executive Forum Board included all 6 Berkshire unitary authorities, education and skills represented by Reading University and Colleges, third sector by Berkshire Community Foundation, large corporate and SME representation from a number of the big names here. All at the table. All unpaid. All probably unsure of the Government agenda which was still being formulated. All there, one hundred percent committed to one thing. To cut the bureacracy and get done what ever needed to be done to make sure Thames Valley Berkshire remains the no 2 economic engine behind UK Plc. Mark Ashwell referred to our role as 'branding the amorphous'. With the diversity of views, and the LEP remit materialising as we worked, never has a truer challenge been set. 


First step was a comprehensive stakeholder interview programme to get the different perspectives of all the various organisations and their views. Second was drilling through 30 plus interviews to get to the likely positioning and brand framework made harder by other LEPs evolving around the country simultaneously.   -  branding and positioning programme, to find common ground and define what was unique. This resulted in a new brand which is visually summarised through – Collaborative Momentum. Second task was to create a new website to showcases the LEP offer, communicate the project work that needs to happen and how those who want to make a difference can seriously collaborate and get involved. Easy to use and update the website has an advanced content management system that hosts and supports project yet maintains visibility under the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP brand. 

Separating the LEP's vision and mission from that of Berkshire as a destination for business was trickier.


Newly launched, brand and website are in their infancy but already proving a resourceful and cost effective communications tool that enables direct engagement with the multitude of stakeholder business audiences. 

  • Date: June 16, 2013
  • Client: Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership