Wells Cathedral

Brand Strategy & Identity


At the recommendation of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Dean of Wells Cathedral approached us to create a new brand for Wells Cathedral in Somerset. 


Meeting with key figures at the Cathedral, gave us a greater understanding of what makes Wells unique and what needed to be communicated. The mark picks up on the very human and welcoming spirit of Wells, with a nod to its sacred springs and a play on its unique scissor arch. The new brand gives Wells a strong visual identity rooted in the tradition and history of the Cathedral, while positioning it as progressive, relevant and welcoming. It reflects not only the architectural excellence, but the ’open arms’ culture, of the organisation too. 

The colour palette was inspired by the earthy stone colours of the building, and the beautiful stained glass tones. The tone of voice was one that speaks to all people, no matter their background. Straightforward and easily understandable, removing any barriers to accessing information.

What we did

Perception Interviews / Positioning Strategy / Messaging Framework / Brand Identity Creation, Roll-out & Guidelines / Website Re-skin / Brochures & Leaflets / Wayfinding / Branded Environment / Annual Report / Stationery / Powerpoint & Word templates.

It’s personal!

A real concern during this project was that they didn’t consider Wells a ‘St Paul’s’ and their fear was we might produce something not right. However, branding is a very personal process and it’s our job to ensure that the things that make a place or service different and special are the very ingredients that end up in its identity.

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Jules led a well thought through process of learning about who we are and what we're about. Voyage engaged with our very diverse stakeholder base to understand the issues that needed addressing and gave time and space to all varieties of opinion. The development of the elements of the brand was equally consultative and has resulted in an excellent tangible output in our new visual identity but perhaps, more importantly we have achieved an outcome in which our staff and volunteers can act and been seen acting as one team under this unifying brand. 

Thank you.

Paul Richards, Chief Executive Officer, Wells Cathedral

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