Is your data really secure? Are you getting completely hacked off with the likes of Talk Talk?

In the last 24 hours the Chief Executive of Talk Talk, Dido Harding, has bravely appeared on BBC news and BBC Radio 4 to inform their customers that they’ve had a serious breach of security. She did the right thing and took accountable action. However, should this have happened in the first place?

In an interview where she says, like other companies, their defences could be stronger, we can’t help but wonder… how can we really trust all these companies that store our information? 

And if you google TalkTalk and ‘data security breaches' sadly this is not the first time it's happened this year either.  Other companies have suffered the same fate – look at the Sony scandal – how many Sony gamers simply don’t trust and use the service now?

This is a massive blow to the brand, and it’s going to take some incredible leadership and trust-building to save them now. Just like the recent VW emissions debacle, we’re seeing time and time again a crucial part of brand value failure… ‘trust'. 

To get trust you have to earn it. That means being accountable and responsible.

Trust seems to be stuffed into companies core value sets – it’s what they think clients want to hear, almost an assumed attribute. We always question its mis-use as a value. Either be specific about why someone should trust you and ensure you deliver on it. Or don’t put it in. One has to assume an amount of trust before buying a product or service from someone in the first place. Would you buy something from someone you didn’t trust?  The ’truth’ here is that unless you can unequivocally prove you can deliver on your promises and utterly, robustly protect your customers’ data, you’re fighting a losing battle. 

So, what’s the alternative to so many companies out there holding all your valuable financial information and seemingly totally open to the latest hackster who has a point to prove or crime to commit? Is there really any other way? 

Well the answer is yes! We’ve recently been introduced to the world of OneScan from Ensygnia. This ground-breaking app is a highly encrypted gateway for purchasing and interaction that means you don't EVER need to give retailers your credit card or bank details. You don't need to keep registering and typing out countless bits of personal information that are unique to you. Forget the complicated sheets of passwords you have to keep because companies keep asking you to change them and make them more complicated. Really! No more usernames or passwords. Ensygnia have already been working with BBC labs and the BBC shop and were recently showcased by Waitrose at their technology expo. 

Ensygnia OneScan

Register once. Enter your pin to access the app. Scan and you’re done. And it doesn’t have to be a scan. It can be any one of a number of triggers. It works across online, retail, mobile, print and TV. And because your data is not stored on servers and all transactions are run via highly encrypted communications, ending up as dumbfounded as a Talk Talk customer is not something you need to worry about. 

We’re really excited about OneScan, and we’re pleased to be part of the journey of making a brand known for trust, security and making life oh, so easy! 

Trust us, we’ve seen it in action! And we’ve got the fire pit out to burn the password list ;)