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Aug. 28, 2015

Voyage design and build an affordable responsive website for Reading based tech company Klik IT

"For many years we neglected our website and had just the bare minimum in place. When we eventually tried to improve it, we turned to ...
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Jan. 23, 2014

Polishing Esteemed Walls - Designing a New Digital Experience for Rhodes House

The time for a make over has been decided at Rhodes House and Voyage will be undertaking this task with great gusto!For over three-quarters ...
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Oct. 14, 2013

What is Responsive Design?

‘Responsive’ websites seems to be the buzzword shouted around the place at the moment. With many website reaching their life cycles in terms of look ...
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Sept. 27, 2013

Above the Fold - but only just!

According to a new infographic released by Chartbeat, from a recent study on website audience engagement, users are most engaged with content slightly above the ...