Siren – Going Down a Storm at the Reading Beer Festival

Short and sweet. Above email says it all. Siren – going down a storm at the Reading Beer Festival, it sold out by 10:37am this morning!!!   Hopfully (pun intended) our client Darron has rushed back to the brewery to re-stock so others can have their senses stirred by the tantalising tastes of Liquid Mistress, Broken Dream, Calypso, Undercurrent and Soundwave. What is even more exciting is that Darron is one of our own, Thames Valley Berkshire based  –  AND they have just been named best brewery in ENGLAND by

No mean feet at all and definitely not a fishy tale. I'll stop there. Go seek Siren out at and throw away any preconceived notions you ever had about beer... and be prepared to open your mind.