Exciting Times with Sunny Money - Brand Development for Big60Million

In 2014 we were approached by BELECTRIC UK to help them launch the first Big60Million Community Benefit Solar Bond linked to UK Solar Farms. We were delighted to join the team, and following the launch and successful completion of the Willersey Solar Farm Bond, we have gone on to support the Big60Million Campaign with the launch of 3 new multi-million pound bond offers that are due to close at the end of May. 

Voyage have been working hard on brand development for Big60Million over the last year. Overall it was smooth sailing to create the supporting communications needed to launch these three ambitious bonds. 

Across brochureware, local and national press advertising, direct mail, digital advertisements, email marketing and more, the Big60Million message has been called out loud and clear with a fantastic response - over 60% of the bonds have been sold to date. 

With the first Willersey Solar Farm Bond being over-subscribed, we eagerly await the final count on these three bonds, and look forward to the future of Big60Million and the benefits it brings to the 60 Million UK residents through the bright idea that is Solar Power. 

Check out the latest Bond offers at www.big60million.co.uk