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Reposition Workplace as a ‘world-class’ global workforce management brand.

Workplace traditionally provided workforce management tailored around individual retailers’ needs. This meant lengthy deployment and limited market at the top end – and constant vying against bigger competitors with deeper pockets. Workplace’s new cloud solution changed the rules. It gave them a scalable product which could be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost. 

Workplace had to focus and move quickly. However, the existing website was crammed with so much legacy content that visitors felt overwhelmed resulting in high bounce rates. Sales collateral was uninspiring and staff were unsettled by the recent buyout. Workplace urgently needed to redefine its brand positioning, create a clear messaging framework and get staff on board.

A deeper understanding

Our first step was to conduct 1-2-1 interviews with the board and key team members. This gave us the internal picture of the organisation and its challenges. Then we interviewed key clients and partners and  analysed the competition to get an external perspective. This revealed a degree of confusion over just what Workplace were selling, where it was being sold, and to whom. 

Armed with the information from the interviews, we conducted workshops to get everyone aligned and some focused objectives in place. Next step, align the brand with the business strategy. The core positioning was designed to be customer facing and engaging to all audiences – ‘We’re experienced hands at taking the complex subject of workforce management and making it simpler for our customers’. This distilled down further to a brand essence of ‘Your workforce is simpler to manage’. 


The retail clients Workplace serves have staff in many locations, in many countries, often off site. So we created a graphic expression of ‘perception’ using the form of a Gyr Falcon to graphically illustrate how the Workplace solution gave clients aerial visibility over their entire organisational workforce wherever they were. 

The falcon ‘eye’ became the new logo mark, signifying perception and reflecting the essence of simplicity – Workplace’s DNA. We created a series of images showing mobile devices being used in high level but remote locations to drive home how accessible this cloud based solution was. 

Workplace found it difficult to manage and update their old site’s content, as it was limited to the restrictions of an out-dated CMS. So, we started afresh, introducing a new and intuitive system that opened up their content and gave them limitless control over their messaging. We integrated this into a ‘multi-region network’ that enabled Workplace to target different versions of the site to the US, UK and Australian markets. Better for SEO and regionalised marketing campaigns. 

Staff were kept onside throughout the branding process by keeping them both informed and engaged. This culminated in a finale of internal brand launches in US, UK and Australian offices before the new brand went public, to show recognition and thanks for their input. 

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The rebranding project for Workplace was superb. It included research, positioning, messaging, materials and the web site. Jules led the team with her ‘brave’ concepts that deliver business value. Our stakeholders, employees, clients and partners have all given positive feedback. She delivers on time and to budget.

Barney Quinn, CEO

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