Thames Valley Science Park • To attract innovation companies – you need to be seen as ‘innovative’ yourself!

The pace of the world is changing fast. So is technology and the customer journey is more complex too – 70% of decision-makers read about other’s experiences before making their own mind up. Connectivity, social feeds and research are critical.

A single realm • For its vision to become reality the TVSP portal needed to act as the gateway to an incredibly ‘connected community’. Built on a seamless interface enabling those in the Science Park, Reading University and the Growth Hub to share, collaborate and work together in real-time.

Why Community? • Work happens everywhere – so the ability for a true multi-device experience, rather than just a responsive solution is critical. We created an online community based around what TVSP's audience would find useful and interesting, we enabled people to share, collaborate and integrate across networks on a platform that is both easy to use and navigate.


tvsp wall logo

Branding & Building Signage

gateway sign

Wayfinding & Naming

website scamp

Thames Valley Ai Hub – Website concepts

tvai hub header

Thames Valley Ai Hub – Branding & Visual Identity

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Bespoke Photography

TVSP homepage

Website Design & Build – Homepage

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lab man in hat
girl in lab filling tube
filling sample close up
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cine valley logo instal

Event Graphics Installation