New website, e-Commerce platform and Salesforce integration

The Sandhurst Trust - Modernising an ageing and badly connected membership website

The Sandhurst Trust tasked Voyage Brand and Communication with modernising an ageing and badly connected membership website. The old site had been stitched together using a variety of systems which did not communicate well or at all with one another. This generally made administration and upkeep of the website an unpleasant chore for the Trust's staff.

Imagine. Impact.

Imagine: A decision was made to build a system which could integrate deeply with the powerful Salesforce database used to manage the Trust's membership. This would enable the database to work harder and faster, thus adding value and decreasing total cost of ownership. Following on, all of the site's bottlenecks and broken systems were identified and removed as they were not adding value, were contributing to poor technical performance, taking the user off-site to unbranded environments  and generally not providing  good user experiences - whether this was for a site visitor, Member or Trust staff managing the website.

The new Sandhurst Trust website has been built using Python. We’ve digitally extended the websites capabilities and automated functions that previously had to be done manually. So now members/visitors can book events, and the visitor stays on site within our own Sandhurst brand environment — rather than being sent off-site to Eventbrite, which happened with the old site. We have also built a full e-commerce system so members can pay for events, shop items or set up standing orders for membership. All these things generally make it much easier for the Sandhurst team to manage the Trust members professionally and easily.

Impact: The result can be best heard from The Trust's Membership Secretary, Sam Bossi:

"We have our new website and we are so happy with it.

Jules and her team at Voyage are great at listening, understanding and interpreting what we, the client, are wanting to do. They have recently redesigned our entire website which is now a fully functioning membership and alumni platform.They have also integrated it into our Salesforce CRM in a way that makes is so much easier for us to use and visitors have a richer experience when they visit the site. In fact people were signing up immediately when we emailed out to launch the site!

Processes have been fully streamlined and automated and Voyage have also created the platform in such a way that we can add functionality to it in the future without a major overhaul, again.

Voyage have been patient, flexible, imaginative, practical, understanding and professional and are always prepared to go the extra mile or ten! Their response times are brilliant and we are looking forward to working with them in the future."

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