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Rosslyn Analytics - Build a first-class website and make the brand stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Rosslyn Analytics, an AIM listed company, wanted to launch its offer globally and to do that needed to strengthen its brand positioning and create a visually aggressive campaign and complementary website to support its sales and marketing team. This website had to deliver on many fronts and yield more leads, more conversions as well as keep visitors engaged for longer – in short, it had to be:

– More Scaleable. To include a real-time data community
– More Trackable. To constantly improve the user experience
– More Engaging. A reference resource for users
– Better Integrated. With Marketo and Salesforce
– Searchable. To quickly find related content
– An innovation hub. News, thought leadership, whitepapers

Insight, Imagine, Impact

Insight: A plan was developed to conduct detailed usability testing across Rosslyn’s website to determine where traffic was strong, where opportunities lay, where they were missed and locate existing errors. Following this investigation the existing website was quickly amended to address the findings while a complete re-design commenced. Voyage created a visual metaphor for Big Data in the form of a data lion with a provoking campaign entitled ‘Make your Data Roar!’ The campaign involved illustration, photography and carefully crafted messaging to communicate how organizations can harness the power of their data with the Rosslyn platform.

Imagine: Perception Interviews / Positioning Strategy / Messaging Framework / Campaign Roll-out / Website design & Build / Photography / Illustration / Marketing Brochures / Case Studies / Whitepapers / Event Banners / Posters / Internal Document Templates / Corporate Stationery

Impact: “Nothing short of spectacular!” Rosslyn stands out by a mile. Internal and external feedback of both the site and new brand have been incredibly positive with Rosslyn now percieved as a genuine thought leader in its field. 

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homepage mockup

The new look homepage

Innovation Hub

An online innovation space.

Data Factory

Website graphics.

Value of Product Data

Value of Product Data

Apps Library

Icon library creation.

data whitepaper cover

Whitepaper design

data whitepaper inside

More creatures of data.

A peek behind the curtain showing how we set about taming ‘big data’ with a look behind the scenes on the set of our shoot.

Special thanks to photographer: Carli Adby


Behind the scenes


Quiet on set!


Lunch anyone?


A final adjustment

Final Shot.jpg

The final image. Now all we need is that lion!


I'm ready for my close up…


Our superstar 'snappy' – Carli