A lesson in comms

Marketing & Website

Despite being at the forefront of developing specialist asset management systems for the education sector since 2006, Parago needed to better understand customer needs and purchase triggers if it was to maintain its superiority in a rapidly changing and ever more competitive marketplace. 

Digging deep

Interviewing school heads, academy managers, bursars and IT directors helped us understand their world and get under the skin of the sector, the marketplace, products, competitors and the language that was spoken and understood.

The existing identity struggled on screen, there was precious little stand out and even less consistency across customer facing communications. The website too needed attention – overly technical, specification driven and not responsive in any way  – the benefits of Parago's cloud solutions were not obvious and it was not resonating with visitors.

Finding gold

The Parago core brand was updated and a brighter visual identity was created incorporating a distinctive image treatment. A more human tone of voice was adopted to resonate better with audiences and a defined message framework implemented across all channels. Short videos showcasing the benefits of Parago's solutions were added to a new website delivering a more engaging, informative user experience. 

“Having employed the services of many marketing companies I have generally found interest wains once they have the account. This seems to be the opposite with Voyage. I don’t ever recall working with a team so absolutely committed to deliver above and beyond on all levels... not afraid to challenge.” Tim Roots, MD.

The full scope of work included: Brand Workshops / Perception Interviews / Positioning Strategy / Messaging Framework / Visual Identity / Original Photography / Image Treatment / Email Campaigns / Brochures / Case Studies / Whitepapers /  Event Support / Internal Document Templates / Stationery.

If you’d like to know more about this, or any other project, please get in touch and we’ll gladly talk you through the challenge, our thinking and the outcomes in more detail – just drop us a line at jules@voyagebrand.co.uk

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