Luella’s Boudoir

Brand / Identity / Packaging

Branding a boutique boudoir for brides-to-be…

Luella had a dream to open the most luxurious boudoir a bride could ever want. Our dream? create an identity oozing sumptuous sophistication with more than a hint of vintage elegance and decadence.

At its centre elegant type is framed by silky ribbon; evocative of a lady’s basque, and bearing a passing resemblance to a butterfly. Then we incorporated custom ‘confetti’ to represent the range of products and accessories. All of this is crowned by two hummingbirds forming a heart and holding a monogram. A delicate palette of petal pink complemented with a refreshing aqua green. Peonies and butterflies – reminiscent of 50s wallpaper provided a final abstract twist.

Luella’s Boudoir now have a beautiful brand loved by customers and suppliers alike.
Luellas Bodour Slider1