Helping to launch the first ever Community Benefit Solar Bond

Big60Million - Empowering the masses. Taking on the ‘Big Boys’

Big60Million was created to give 60 million UK residents the opportunity to benefit from some of the highest quality solar farms in the world – constructed and operated by Belectric UK, its pioneering parent company.

Big60Million’s vision is to see local people benefit financially, environmentally and socially, though financial returns, creating wildlife sanctuaries on the farms and partnering with schools.

Belectric UK asked us to device the launch of the first ever Community Benefit Solar Bond linked to UK Solar Farms. 

We were delighted to join the team, and following the launch and successful completion of the Willersey Solar Farm Bond, we have gone on to support the Big60Million Campaign with the launch of 3 new multi-million pound bond offers.

Each bond release involved a co-ordinated approach to launch which involved not only marketing strategy, design production and website development, but also close liaison with the financial managers and solicitors involved to ensure all communications remained within the restraints of the advertising standards. 

With a tight lead time on all releases, bonds negotiated to the last hour and a few long days along the way, we managed to not only support Belectric UK and Big60Million in the release of these launches, but all of the bonds went on to be over-subscribed. A great sense of achievement indeed. 

We’re very proud to have helped Big60Million launch over £24 million in Big60Million Solar Bonds – successfully closing each bond release. 

We were also incredible honoured to be invited as part of their team, to the Renewable Energy Awards at the Savoy Hotel, London, where they won Financial Product of the Year. 

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Engaging photography

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Localised imagery

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Campaign messaging

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Launch event

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Engaging with residents

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Courting the press

Belectric wins award

Picking up the Renewable Energy Award for Financial Product of the Year