Meet the Brewer Event

“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy”

Regardless whether Franklin said this or not, it certainly captures the theme of a great social networking get together for Thames Valley First members at The Greyfriar Pub in Reading.


Darron Anley taking a breather and a spot of refreshment.

Darron Anley, founder of Siren Craft Brew, waxed lyrical with his brand story of how he got ‘hooked’ on craft beer and why it inspired him to set up Siren. He took Thames Valley First members through a hop-tastic (sorry hop-pickers) journey of beer tasting, sharing his passionate knowledge whilst paying homage to ‘Under Current’, ‘Soundwave’ – and his personal favourite – ‘Liquid Mistress’.


This Soundwave is delicious.


The night was a definite hit judging by the amount of empty glasses.

He also teased us with new – ‘Vermont Tea Party’ and a competition they are running to find a more Sirenesque name as it is soon to be added to their core line up. Why not take part in his competition and test your naming skills and inspire us of course, to illustrate another femme fatale…? To help you get a sense of the new brew watch the short clip below of Darron describing its ingredients and flavour notes.

Personally this was a timely reminder of the passion and commitment that Darron and his fellow brewers have for their craft, and the thought and intelligence that goes into creating every variation. We can't wait to get going on creating the new illustration and naming for the latest addition to the Siren sisterhood.


If you have a branding or marketing conundrum that you think we might be able to help with, get in touch.