Web Development

A software development company that delivers serious digital business solutions

Getting ahead of the pack requires solutions that are smarter and more creative. Don’t be daunted, technology is there to make life easier. Our mission is to make what ever you want to do, simple and accessible. We will work with you, examine your critical business processes, analyse your needs going forward and then help you smartly apply technology to deliver the most practical solution on time and budget. 

We work across a wide range of frameworks and languages:
– Most PHP frameworks
– Django framework
– iOS, Android, Windows Phone development
– Phonegap app development
– tvOS app development
– watchOS development.

If you have a web based project you'd like to chat through with our software development team just email jules@voyagebrand.co.uk

Whether it's to power your business or give your customers a cutting edge experience, our software development team are here to help

Apple iWatch

Our experienced watchOS developers can extend your iOS app brand experience to Apple Watch

Smart TV

Our team of tvOS developers can help you go beyond the limitations of small screen devices and build immersive retail, travel and gaming apps for your audience on the new Apple TV

Mobile App Splash

We can develop mobile apps for your business that can become as much a part of your customers’ daily routines as their other apps already are. Our app developers work natively in iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as multi-device Phonegap builds.

Private alumni websites

The best business advantage you can give your organisation is the ability to tap into your alumni community. Having a private alumni website enables you to grow and nurture your own online community in a way that adds value to them and thus to your brand. Your alumni can set up a profile, get in touch with other alumni, hunt for work and opportunities posted by other alumni plus gain access to exclusive resources and people.

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn your organisation will own the data. The process of membership or online giving is simple, speedy and safe - after all, no one wants to give out their information on a Facebook donation form. Your alumni website will be a secure and trustworthy interface  so alumni feel comfortable making a gift.

Membership portals

Whether you wish to maintain lasting and efficient partner relationships or foster and engage a loyal membership base our software development team can help with selecting and customising or building from a scratch a system just right for your needs.

Partner portals can help communication with your strategic partners while also streamlining and automating administrative tasks, training, and communications.

Membership portals give members easy access to self-service tools empowering them with content, improving communication and promoting long-term engagement to realise long-term loyalty.

Our membership portal solutions feature:

  • Personalised content and information delivery, including newsletters, announcements, network information, member information and FAQs

  • Easy user account management

  • Custom notifications and secure message delivery

  • Integrations that link to other member and partner information outside of the portal

Creating custom business software and web applications

We can help you address your business software needs in a precise manner – as opposed to the widespread off-the-shelf options which are restrictive and don't deliver for everybody.

Your software will be designed whilst keeping your company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs in mind. And, it will address your specific requirements as well as increase productivity and efficiency internally.

Aggregrator solutions

We can build you platforms which aggregate specific type of information from online sources. Some popular examples include:

  • Smart Grid aggregators directly or indirectly control and visualise the energy consumption of many distributed energy resources

  • News aggregator import news from many external news sources

  • Review aggregator import reviews of movies or other products or services from external sources

  • Search aggregators use software that runs on a user's computer and fetches, filters, and organizes a specific search from various search engines


Our team can advise on selecting off the shelf intranet systems or build you a custom solution.

Some of the benefits of building your own solution include:

  • give you full control over what you build to meet your exact needs

  • integration with other IT systems and software

  • full custom scalabilty

  • you only pay for the functionality you require to be built

  • you fully control layout, content and navigation