Our Approach

Digging for gold.

Our branding development approach focuses on understanding your target audience motivations more deeply so we can better align them to your business strategy.

To do this, we conduct one-to-one interviews with your management team, key business stakeholders and your target audiences. If you imagine everyone is a silo, and that information is not readily or easily shared, what we unearth and present back helps everyone understand the bigger picture of where the business is today and more importantly,  unify them to one vision of where it needs to be tomorrow.

Our interview process digs deeply into what your target audiences find important. And this insight enables us to craft your unique brand story and customer-centric communication that aligns to your business strategy.

Phase two of our branding methodology is the crunching down of all the interview transcripts to define your company identity, vision, mission, and brand framework. This is the core or essence of what makes you and your audience different and compelling. 

Then we move to creative and explore how to express your brand both visually and verbally across different media to ensure it stands out amidst the noise and clutter. Finally we provide you with the tools and guidelines to maintain your corporate identity in the form of identity and tone of voice guidelines which help you manage and police your investment going forward.

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