Digital Marketing

Stand out from the digital din.

The answer doesn’t lie in generating ever more impressions – all that does is add to the noise. With so many voices shouting for attention you need real insight into who your customers are and what they actually want.

What does count is a return on investment that is meaningful to your business, whether that is awareness, engagement or sales. That way digital strategies and campaigns can be measured and assessed. By taking the time to understand your business, your customers and your vision of success, we can recommend the right digital marketing strategy for your company. Strategy is futile without knockout execution. Our creative digital marketing team will develop concepts that will transform your online marketing exposure and communicate to your customers in the language they use and which has meaning to them. Only then will your messages and offers resonate and have any likelihood of success.

Need help creating a digital strategy; implementing an SEO program; advertising online; managing email campaigns; creating engaging, shareable content such as blog pieces, whitepapers, videos or infographics? We can help.

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Parago Marketing results

Inbound Marketing Results for Cloud Asset Management Software Company Parago

Our digital marketing consultants create strategies to identify, articulate and execute digital opportunities that can increase your company’s competitive advantage. A digital marketing strategy will help you identify the right channels, choose the correct timing and allocate appropriate budgets to align with your desired business outcomes. Without a plan, you could end up shooting costly digital shots in the dark. 

Search Engine Optimisation & Advertising

We can help your organic search marketing efforts with SEO. Whether looking to start SEO as part of your new website’s build or you wish to optimize your existing website to rank higher in Google, we can help.

Our SEO services include editing your website code to improve performance, content development to building awareness online and link-building strategies and execution to increase your web authority and ranking with Google.

With a wealth of experience in online advertising, including pay per click, re-marketing, social advertising, display network advertising and much more, we’re here to recommend the best strategy, develop exciting and effective advertising creative as well as providing complete campaign management.

Content Marketing

Your content should provide true value to your customers and wider audience. Producing content which excites and engages will make it highly shareable, which in turn drives meaningful traffic to your website and helps you to generate leads.

Google is very clever at sniffing out poor content these days. It will penalise your website for producing non-useful, keyword stuffed pages which mean nothing to anyone. On the flip-side, it rewards websites which do provide relevant and useful content. This is what your website should strive to have.

Our talented team of brand strategists, copywriters and designers can support you with content creation such as blog stories, infographics, email campaigns and white papers that engage your audience and build positive brand experiences. 

Social Media

Social media offers a fantastic opportunity to communicate directly with your audience, to encourage viral growth through referral and increase engagement, as well as learning about the desired features that your customer is looking for.

Bear in mind, social media remains a powerful tool for ‘black marketing’ by competitors and gives plenty of airspace for misinformation and undesired messages. Such an environment requires a comprehensive and flexible strategy for the management of messages and interactions across relevant social platforms, with regular updates and fine tuning on a day-to-day basis.

Absence is not the answer. Conversations about you and involving you, opportunities and potential leads, all carry on without you, whether you know about them or not. If your competitors are there already, you  must be too!


By 2019 it is predicted that as much as 80% of internet traffic will be devoted to watching video. Already, more and more B2C and B2B businesses are putting video at the forefront of their digital marketing strategies.

Our video team can create stunning video testimonials, explanimations (yes, that is spelt right! They are animated video explanations of how things works), and brand storytelling mini-series videos, all in the highest quality output (1080 and 4K). Talk to us about how we can transform your idea into a memorable online experience.