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Bringing your brand to life.

Creative Design starts from the moment we walk into the room – it’s not just about the shapes, colours or what’s visible on a page or screen. It starts with you and what you need to communicate. And the creative picture in our mind starts building from the first ‘hello'.

Working in tandem with brand strategy, our design is an outworking, an expression, of your brand. Whether we’ve run full brand discovery workshops with you, or you’ve sent us a sketchy brief on the back of a napkin, your brand is brought to life when we create a visual design that works – putting flesh on the bones. It not only puts a professional face on your organisation but resonates with your customer and calls for a response.

You’re pretty brave... is that right for us?

Creative design should say something about you, but also evoke a response from your customer – otherwise, what’s the point? A great example of strong design can be seen in our brand work for Siren Craft Brew. Everything from the mermaid/fish-hook logo, through to the beautiful beckoning sirens and the fruity illustrative labels, tells a story of evocative flavours and tempting taste sensations. This is an imaginative, explorative range of beers and the Creative Design needed to reflect that. 

That’s not to say that creative design is limited to small quirky companies. Large organisations can be bold and brave too. Workplace Plc had a very clear, positive positioning and the impressive birds-eye view that they provided to their customers was a great spring board for creative thinking. How else do you use the eye of Gyrfalcon as the logo of a large multi-national organisation, with strong and vibrant colours that draw the eye and attract the reader?

So, what does your brand look like? And what does that look like when it’s dressed for success? Let’s have a coffee and find out! If you’d like to see more of our creative wizardry, head on over to our Work section and have a browse – there’s plenty to see and discover. Or if you have a project you’d like to discuss just call drop us a line 0118 983 55 10

"Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service." Steve Jobs

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Property marketing and launch campaign for new brand Kennet Island for St James Homes, Reading

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National advertising campaign for solar energy initiative Big60 Million