Brand & Identity Design

Rebrands and makeovers can inject new life into a brand, but don't be in too much of a rush to scrap everything that’s gone before.

Sometimes it’s just as powerful to seek out what components still ring true – what’s still relevant today. But, if your brand is looking for a new do, it’s because it’s craving attention... be bold, and brave! 

Think of it as personal improvement – to evolve into a better version of you, you need to ask friends, relatives, colleagues how you might improve. Take that advice on board. And put plans in place to help you change. In an organisation this becomes more complex – because this brand behaviour needs to emanate from everyone. There needs to be a consistency that everyone signs up to deliver.

Feel the force...

Branding changes are often a response to wanting to shape the outside world’s perceptions of an enterprise, particularly after a merger or acquisition, and usually driven via media and sales channels.  These outer drivers are powerful forces indeed. But identity changes have an equally compelling effect on the people inside the organization who will be tasked with contributing to “a new idea” they may know little about.

One for all, and...

When you provide the reasons why your identity requires change, it’s imperative to have these ideas resonate positively within your organisation first, before you take it to the outside world. When that happens, it’s like putting Miracle-Grow on the seeds of your brand image. People on the inside must believe the changing organisational or brand identity will have a positive impact on their lives before they’ll be an on-side, passionate and influential-buzz-generating brand advocate. The reason successful brands seem to have an inner glow about them is no accident.

Getting your internal brand building and comms strategy in place right from the off makes a fundamental difference to the success of any new identity initiative.

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When you embark on a journey of identity change you need a balanced understanding of views from those within your organisation (as they will be tasked with driving the new brand) and from those audiences outside – customers, competitors, suppliers etc.