Brand Strategy

Connect & Differentiate

To build a brand of enduring value you need to do two things... 

One: Know what it is you want – 
Set long-term business goals. Are you looking to attract a new audience or gain share from a competitor? The brand strategy will differ depending on what it is you hope to achieve... your business strategy is the brand strategy! 

Know your audience – Work out what really matters to them so you can define the messages that show you share the same ideals and values. Interviews with key clients, customers, staff and audience members are (time-consuming, but...) worth their weight in gold. Much can be reaped – especially when conducted independently. We analyse and share our findings anonymously – verbatim, but with no slant. Then we work with you to interpret the results and guide you to a consensus on what your brand should stand for. What values are most important to your clients and therefore appropriate for your brand. We help you define and align your brand purpose, promise and personality with your target audiences and key customer benefits to ensure relevant differentiation. 

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Positioning  …it’s what makes you stand out in the minds of those you want to buy from you. In today’s crowded brandscapes the only way to achieve this is by making meaningful connections with your audience. One of the most powerful things a brand can do is align its values with those of its audience...  and live by them!